Our motto is simple we believe in SIMPLICITY in style, QUALITY in our products and services, displaying sophistication with CLASS and making your PRESENCE known with Aswad Collection Hijabs.

Aswad Collection started off as a vision to inspire other young Muslim woman that they can succeed in the world of social media business whilst maintaining a balance between studying, family time and social activities. We are a all female team and this is a fact that we take particular pride in.


Our companies name 'Aswad' is derived from the Arabic word for the colour Black. We believe the colour black has a lot of importance, it defines modesty, class and simplicity and this definitely    defines our brand.


'Aswad Collection' was established in London in 2016. We take pride in providing the best services for our customers. We use the best quality breath-able, lightweight fabrics, that our customers will feel comfortable wearing all day long. Our customers are the most important part of our journey and their satisfaction remains our first priority. We are your brand, and all feedback is valuable to us.


We are always looking for opportunities to develop and expand with new exclusive designs where modesty can be seen at it’s best. We Insha'Allah have lots of exciting things taking place in the near future so subscribe to our website and follow us on instagram to keep up to date with our new releases.


Warm wishes,

Aswad Collection Team