Aswad On Black Oud

Recommended Use: Apply the oud directly on to the skin or inside of clothing. 1-2 swipes of oud from our applicator bottle is sufficient. Apply this with care directly below your wrist and rub together using your other wrist.    


Aswad on Black oud should last you roughly 4-6 months of daily application. This scent will last for several days on the fabric applied, even after washing as it is an oil. 


Scent Notes: Floral, Vanilla, Woody, Citrus & Powdery 



Aswad On Black Oud

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  • Aswad on Black is the classic signature scent for Aswad Collection London. It’s unique Arabian scent is rich, luxurious, and sensuous. This distinctive fragrance leaves those around you wondering about the mystery behind this lingering oil.